Deactivation Uber Drivers

Has Uber or Bolt blocked your account? Ekker Legal is ready to help you. Please contact us for:

  • A free online consultation.
  • Objection to the deactivation and negotiations with Uber or Bolt.
  • If necessary, a legal procedure.

Attorney Anton Ekker has extensive experience in supporting drivers. He works quickly, effectively and on the basis of clear cost agreements.

What are my rights?

The District Court of Amsterdam has ruled that there is an employment contract between Uber and Uber drivers. If Uber has terminated the Partner Agreement or blocked your account, you may therefore object on the grounds of labour law.

The blocking of your account can also be the result of an ‘automated decision’. This may be the case, for example, in case of suspicion of fraud. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right:

– to object to the automated deactivation.

– to request an assessment by a human being (‘human intervention’).

How can Ekker Legal help me?

On your behalf Ekker Legal can demand that your account will be reactivated. Also, you may be eligible for compensation for the damage you have suffered (lost earnings).

What are the expenses?

The first telephone consultation is free of charge. For sending a letter to Uber / Bolt, a fixed amount of €250, excluding VAT, will be charged. If you decide to to start legal proceedings, further arrangements will be made in advance.

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