Application with Court of Amsterdam

A number of Uber drivers from the United Kingdom have filed an application with the District Court of Amsterdam, exercising their data privacy rights. The drivers are represented by their attorney, Mr. Anton Ekker.

The drivers ask for access to their personal data and for information on profiling and automated decision making by Uber. Uber must provide this information to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Read the application of 20 July 2020: Dutch / English (unofficial translation).

Worker Info Exchange (WIE)

Through this request, the drivers want to gather data for the ‘data trust’ that is operated by Worker Info Exchange (WIE). Worker Info Exchange is a non profit organisation dedicated to helping workers access and gain insight from data collected from them at work, usually by smartphone.

Worker Info Exchange aims to tilt the balance away from big platforms in favour of the people who make these companies so successful every day – the workers.

Uber drivers can participate by giving Worker Info Exchange their mandate to send a GDPR-request on their behalf.

App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU)

The drivers are supported by the ADCU. The ADCU is an independent trade union that represents all UK private hire drivers & couriers.

Read the press release by ADCU.